Motion Detector Cam Free App Reviews

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I wanted to capture a fox that roams around here. All I got was 5000 pictures to delete and there was nothing to set off the motion detection. Just a bunch of Blank photos.

stealth plz

I need the app to display a pic, for the ambient lighting, so I can nail my target. If I leave the screen on, needed for good pics, they’ll see they are being photographed/recorded. Tired of being attacked with a soap-sock while sleeping.


Wanted an app to capture photos of birds at the feeder. Works great.


As other stated it doesn’t do anything but put up adds when you want it to turn on. Total junk don’t waste your time

Great App but does not send

This is a great app but does not send pics to your phone .. it would be nice to be able to “remotely see” if it has caught the thief from another device like your phone . Other than that it runs great on iPad . Pics should be sent or synced to phone !

Caught him!

I had a gut feeling I needed a hidden camera. Thank you, makers of this app, for helping me catch my man cheating IN MY BED! I've referred this app to several people!


This app is so bad. Does not work.

Good when it works.

Nine times out of ten when I open the app it just takes me straight to the App Store as if I have clicked on an ad (which I haven't). I have to close it and reopen the app multiple times before it will stay open and let me set my phone down to start taking photos. It's very frustrating when I set up the app on my phone to monitor the house while I'm gone, leave for a few hours and come back to find that it has directed me to the App Store and not done what it's supposed to do! I would give a five star review if it didn't have this issue that makes the app nearly useless.

Great Motion detector

This free detector captures motion up to one city block from 5mp iPad mini. I use it as motion capture against car vandals. Must have street light near vehicle for best results during night caption. Pics load onto camera roll which I reveiw and delect daily. I cover my display with a dark book to reduce it's light reflection and ads .app will not run when closed. Thanks for this MOST Useful APP !! When reporting vandalism the cops ask "did you see them"? ?! I advice everyone get this app. For


Will not open at all. Just crashes.


This app is so cool! I have only used the motion activated pictures and it is very cool. I have not yet tried the streaming to a PC yet. You have to pay to be able to have motion activated video but I just use the pictures. This app is very helpful when people like to walk in your room!


Can't open

Worst one out there.

Don't waist your time. It literally just takes photos non stop whether there is motion or not, and fills up your entire photo album!

It doesn't work

Wack.. It doesn't work.


I like the app it is just,I dont think any one would know how too use it.There are no Directions and what does the time like.But any ways it was a cool app I just did not know how too use it.KEEP MAKEING MORE APPS!🐈


This app is just pointless!!!! You cannot even take a video!!!!


Doesn't do anything


Works as described. Upgrade ($) required if you want video.


Do not get this app! It does not work!

Does NOT save a file!

I have tried the free and paid versions both on iPad 2 and neither saves a file in the camera roll. It appears to sense and record appropriately, but it NEVER saves a file anyplace! I don't think it ever got tested on an iPad. Don't waste your money!


not sure why people think this doesn't work. Read instructions if you are having problems. Instructions are written in app description. Camera cannot be moving, and it needs a stationary background to start. Works perfectly.

Very good

As long as you know how to set it up correctly. I had it set to front facing camera and had it charging on an iHome that is directly across from my bedroom door. (Good if you want to save the battery, while using it) I put the sensitivity on 12. I left the door cracked open as if I were inviting people into my room. As soon as someone enters the room it takes a pic of their face perfectly!


Wast of time

Works well

Great sensitivity to movement. Stores photos in camera roll. Was easily triggered by my cat walking 30 feet away in daylight. Was even triggered by tree branches moving out the window. Sensitivity was set to 10. Set the active timer for the block of time you do not want the detector to trigger. I deleted my Facebook account so can not comment on that function.

Doesn't work!

Does... Not... Work!

Don't waste your time

Does not do anything. Calendar function makes no sense at all either. I hate being taken for time, regardless of money!

Very useful

It works best and it is very easy to use

Doesn't works

The time wouldn't change. This app doesn't work!


It does what it say but would love 2 use it in lock mode

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